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Junior League Round 10 results

The scores can be found here.

The junior league counts the 10 best scores over the season.  There are five competitors who have scored in every event so far:   Joshua Mansell, Bernie Gloag, Katherine Hinchcliffe, Emily Hinchcliffe and Naomi Penton.  Awesome effort!!!  They can still improve their score by knocking out their worst scores with a better result on any of the remaining events.  

There are another dozen entrants who have complete nine events and need only one more for their maximum.  80 of the 180 juniors who have entered an event have completed 6 events and so qualify for final scoring.  There are still four more events to go so just about everyone can still qualify for the end of season tallies.

Strong performances in the sprint resulted in increased leads in almost all the divisions except for M16 where the absence of David Stocks (course setter for UCan) and Toby Lang has let Zach Noyes close the gap while Tristan Miller’s strong results in the M18 managed to get a few points closer to Tenzing Johnson and Brendan Miller.