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Think Faster on your Feet

“Try Mountain Bike Orienteering and enjoy navigation at higher speed”.

As we all found at the season opener at Sparrow Hill, thought sometimes out paces speed. Competitors from 9 to 90 enjoyed the fast flowing tracks of Sparrow last Sunday. Marina’s courses tested even the best in the world, with competitors coming from as far away as Victoria to escape the devastating fires which put paid to their local racing.

Full results here.

Now it is time to think on your feet. The opening event of the OACT AL season is the ACT Sprint Distance Championships. The event, on Saturday March 16th, will feature some fantastic courses from Shannon Jones. Find your way to West Deakin for a truly intricate urban sprint on a new map. Entries close midnight Friday March 8th. That’s the end of this week so get cracking and get your entries in.