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Consistency Rewards Top Three in Runners Shop Twilight Series

Featured image (left to right) David Stocks (2nd) and Toni Brown (3rd); absent Martin Dent (1st), but pictured below right.

Martin Dent

Consistent performances throughout the Series by a few orienteers were rewarded with Martin Dent, David Stocks and Toni Brown filling the top three placings in the 2018-19 Runners Shop Twilight Series.

The courses for the final event, a Sprint Distance event at Radford College, were well designed by Allison Jones, as competitors were faced with numerous navigationally challenges.

13 competitors had one missing punch and apart from 101, the first control on the Blue course, which two competitors missed, and 128, the eighth control on both Orange courses which two competitors missed, none of the other nine missing punches were common. Competitors seemingly either did not go to the control or did not wait long enough for the confirming beep.

The top five competitors in the event were:

  • David Stocks 125 points
  • Fredo Tranchand 124
  • Noah Poland 123
  • Shannon Jones 122
  • Matt Doyle 121

The full results are here, the Winsplits are here and the maps and photos are here

The top 10 competitors in the Series (best eight scores from 15 events) were:

  • Martin Dent 996 points (max possible 1,000)
  • David Stocks 988
  • Toni Brown 981
  • Zoe Melhuish 975
  • Ella Cuthbert 973
  • Toby Lang 946
  • Equal Noah Poland, Grace Crane 939
  • Saara Norrgrann 935
  • Ana Herceg 934

The final standings are here

Two competitors scored points in all 15 events (Bryant Allen, Bob Mouatt), three others (Ari Piiroinen, John Harding, Tate Needham) competed in all 15 events, but missed scoring in at least one event, and importantly, David Stocks and Greg Wilson were volunteer course planners for one event and attended all other 14 events. The top female participants were Jennifer Webb and Ivy Prosser who attended 14 events each.

With the end of the Twilight Series, the focus now moves to the ACT Classic Series. The first two events are:

  • ACT League # 1 2018 ACT Sprint Distance Championships at West Deakin Offices on Saturday 16 March. Entries have closed.
  • ACT League # 2 at The Gib on Sunday 17 March. Entry on the Day.