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Navigational Challenges Galore at Stromlo Forest Park

Canberra Cockatoos top junior woman, Tara Melhuish, has prepared some challenging courses for event # 6 in the Runners Shop Twilight Series to be held at Stromlo Forest Park on Wednesday 21 November.

The event will provide the current leaders in the 2018-19 Series, Toni Brown and Martin Dent, equal on 371 points from their best three scores, the opportunity to become the sole leader, but not far behind them are the juniors David Stocks on 366 points and Zoe Melhuish on 363. Current standings are here.

Assembly Area
The Assembly for this event will be at the Bushfire Memorial, a different assembly location to the Primary Schools Championships which will be held earlier in the day, but importantly see the next paragraph on parking,

Parking: Very Important
Parking at the Bushfire Memorial and its access road is very limited. Please do not attempt to park there; officials’ cars excepted. Please park either at the main Stromlo Forest Park car park (10 mins walk) or on streets in nearby Wright (5-10 mins walk). Do not park in the bike lanes on Swallowtail Road.

Map and Terrain
The map scale is 1:4000. Much of the map is open, but the ground can be very uneven underfoot, particularly on the southern half of the map. Ankle protection is recommended. Please take caution when crossing Holdens Creek or entering controls close to the creek as either side can be steep and slippery. Be aware that there are many blackberry bushes throughout the map.

Crossings: Holdens Creek runs through the length of this map and most of the creek is impassable. Suggested crossing points have been marked with the purple crossing symbol on the map, but will NOT be marked in the terrain.  Please watch out for bike riders who also may be using the trails.

There are five courses:

  • Orange 1 – 4.1 km, 29 controls
  • Orange 2 – 2.9 km, 23 controls
  • Brown (a mixture of easy (green) and moderate (orange) legs) – 2.3 km, 15 controls.  This is a one-off option and the results will not be included in the Runners Shop Twilight Series.
  • Green – 1.9 km, 15 controls
  • Blue – 1.5 km, 13 controls

SportIdent Sticks
Some SI sticks only store 30 controls (plus the start and finish). If you are running Orange 1 and using one of these SI sticks please note that punching one extra control (e.g. by mistake) will fill the SI storage. If you punch more than one extra control and exceed the SI storage you should manually punch your map at the final controls of the course to record you have been there.