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Enter Now for Primary School Championships

The 2018 ACT Primary School Championships will be held on Wednesday 21st of November at Stromlo Forest Park.

Entries are open to all ACT Primary School Students from years 2 – 6.

Minimum Previous Experience

All individual competitors, and at least one member of each pair, must have completed at least 2 orienteering events prior to the championships (including SC-ORE, Map Mates or school coaching sessions). This is to ensure the safety of all competitors.

Entries for students younger than grade 2 will be at the discretion of the organiser and will be based on the individual’s orienteering experience.

Competition Categories

Students can compete in either individual age-groups or in pairs (provided both students in the pair are from the same school), the following competion categories will be offered:

  • Age groups for individual competitors (boys or girls):
    • 9 years and under (born in 2009 or later)
    • 10 years (born in 2008)
    • 11 years (born in 2007)
    • 12 years and over (born 2006 or earlier)
  • Age-groups for teams of 2 students of any gender:
    • 10 years and under pairs
    • 11 years and over pairs


Courses for the 9 and 10 years age groups, as well as both pair categories are very easy (blue standard).

Courses for the 11 and 12 years age groups are easy (green standard).

Course lengths range from 1.5 km to 3.0 km depending on the age group.

All courses will have the option of following linear features (e.g. tracks, fences, power lines) on all legs.


Enter via Register Now.

Entry fee is $12 per individual or $24 per pair

Entries close Wednesday 14th November.

Further information or enquiries contact Cathy Hogg at .