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University Championships add to the carnival atmosphere

UniSport Australia and Orienteering Australia are pleased to announce that the Oceania Sprint Event at Charles Sturt University on 28 September will also be the 2019 Australian University Orienteering Championships. The University Championship will be conducted in the M/W20E and M/W21E classes. It will be open to all students enrolled in an Australian University in 2019 who enter in those age categories.  There will also be a teams competition for men’s and women’s teams, calculated by summing the times of the best three competitors.  As Asha Steer (pictured competing in the 2018 Australian University Orienteering Championships at Monash University) discovered, this could be your springboard to greatness. Asha also went on to represent Australia at the World University Orienteering Championships this year. Who knows – today Oceania, tomorrow the world!

Photo: Michael Dowling

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