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Junior League final scores for 2018

The ACT Junior League wrapped up yesterday with the final event of the season at Stromlo West.

The final scores can be found here.

A total of 177 different juniors entered races through the season with 97 completing 6 events and qualifying for final scores.  These competitors scores are filled with light grey in the results table.  There was a total of 10 competitors who completed 13 of the 14 events with Michael Guthrie the only  entrant with a perfect record of completing every event through the season.

The closest division was the M10 division with Charlie Field hanging on for the win from Oliver Goltzinger and Joshue Maniti while Zoe McCrae managed to edge out Astrid Evans in the W10 with Naomi Penton coming in third.

Ingrid Shelton Agar and Connor Lineen comfortable took out the W12 and M12 classes respectively while Celeste Hodgens and Alicia Maniti, along with Sandy Wilkinson and Samuel Michaelis took out the minor places in their respective classes.

The W14 had a change of leaders in the final event with Justine Hobson collecting enough points to edge past Lauren Charles with Rose Waddell-Wood taking out third.  Patrick Shelton Agar and Will Madl led the M14 class but good points for Nicholas Brennan in the final event wasn’t quite enough to edge out Lachlan Ho for third.

The field was reasonable well spread in the M14 and W14 classes with David Stocks beating Toby Lang and Zach Noyes while Ella Cuthbert, the highest overall point scorer, took the women’s division from Ellen Johnson and Tamara Needham.

Miho Yamazaki was the only competitor to complete six events in the W18 while Ryan Stocks managed to just hang on from Patrick Miller and Tristan Miller despite missing the last event.  No-one completed enough events to qualify for the M20 or W20 classes.

Junior league presentations were held after the secondary school championship presentations on Saturday.  Any place getter who missed the presentation who would like their place getter’s key ring can get in touch with me at to arrange a pick up.