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ACT Has Reclaimed the Bennelong Trophy

ACT has reclaimed the Bennelong Trophy from NSW through outscoring the visitors at the ACT Long Distance Championships at The Sandhills east of Bungendore on Sunday. The competition, which began in 1986, is based on the number of winners in their respective Long Distance Championships, with winners of Championship classes scoring one point and winner of other classes scoring 0.5 points. In the 32 years leading to the ACT Championships on Sunday, NSW had won the trophy 23 times to the ACT’s 9 victories. The ACT had previously won on 2016. Following the NSW Championships in Armidale in April, NSW was leading by 32 points to 5.5. ACT made the most of the home terrain to outscore NSW by 34 points to 3.5, leading to the ACT winning by 39.5 points to 35.5.


ACT winners were:

  • Men: M21A: Martin Dent (RR-A), M21AS: Tomas Krajca (RR-A), M10: Elye Dent (RR-A), M12A: Charlie Seddon (PO-A), M14A: Patrick Shelton Agar (AO-A), M16A: David Stocks (BS-A), M20A: Patrick Miller (BS-A), M35A: Fedor Iskhavov (RR-A), M40A: Tate Needham (RR-A), M45A: Andy Hogg (PO-A), M50A: Graham Atkins (PO-A), M55A David Poland (BS-A), M60A: Eoin Rothery (RR-A), M65A: Bruce Bowen (PO-A), M75A: David Hogg (PO-A), M80A: Geoffrey Dabb (BS-A), M90A: Hermann Wehner (WE-A); Non-Championship awards: M35AS: Chris Mill (BS-A), M45AS: John Shelton Agar (AO-A), M55AS: David Jenkins (BS-A).
  • Women: W21A: Marina Iskhakova (RR-A), W21AS: Jenna Linehan (RR-A), W10: Luca Hogg (PO-A), W12A: Ella Hogg (PO-A), W14A: Natalie Miller (BS-A), W20A: Ella Cuthbert (PO-A), W35A: Kathie Dent (RR-A), W40A: Allison Jones (RR-A), W45A: Cath Chalmers (RR-A), W50A: Alison Inglis (BS-A), W55A: Elizabeth Dunbar (PO-A), W60A: Mary McDonald (AO-A), W65A: Valerie Barker (BS-A), W70A: Ann Baylis (RR-A), W75A: Ann Ingwersen (PO-A); Non-Championship awards: W55AS: Jane Barnett (BS-A), WOpenB: Rebecca Tedeschi (RR-A).

The full results are here, the Winsplits are here and the course maps and John Harding’s photos of the event are here.

The winner of the 2018 ACT League will be presented with the Wehner Cup at the Orienteering ACT Annual Awards evening on Sunday 25 November.