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Busy Weekend for Bushflyers

Bushflyers club members have a busy weekend ahead of them as they will be staging both ACT events this weekend (23-24 June). The two events are:

  • ACT Metro Series: Junior League #6 & Map Mates #4 at Mt Ainslie North, assembly area at Kellaway Street.
  • ACT Classic Series: ACT League #8 at Ballinafad Creek, south of Captains Flat NSW

Joseph Wilson is the course planner for Junior League #6 and has prepared the following interesting courses:

  • Orange 1: 5.0 km; 16 controls
  • Orange 2: 3.4 km; 10 controls
  • Green: 2.8 km; 9 controls
  • Blue: 2.1 km; 10 controls

Ballinafad Creek is a challenging, classic gully/spur area which has not been used since August 2012. The area was last re-mapped in 2005 so the vegetation will have changed considerably in the past 13 years, thus do not place too much reliance on the vegetation as shown on the map. Large fallen trees may also impact of route execution.

Ross Stewart is the course planner,  Geoff Wood  is the controller and Valerie Barker is the Organiser. The Information Sheet is here and parking and other arrangements are set out in the image below. For most competitors, allow 90 minutes travel to parking area and take care on Wild Cattle Creek Road as the road is narrow and there are some sharp bends.