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Join the Masses: 2018 Jim Sawkins at Wild Deer Sands

Do not miss registration for the 11th annual Jim Sawkins Classic/Handicap which will close at 11.59 pm Wednesday 30 May. No entries on the day for the Hard (Red) courses and limited entries for Moderate (Orange) courses; entries on the day welcome on the Easy (Green) and Very Easy (Blue).

The 2018 event will be held on the intriguing Wild Deer Sands, a relative flat area which is unique in the Canberra region. It comprises a complex area of rehabilitated sand mining with many knolls and depressions bordered by fast spur-gully terrain; it is comparable with some Victorian gold-mining areas or vegetated sand dune areas in other States. The blank map and photos of the area here

The Jim Sawkins includes a Handicap competition with two Divisions:

  • Division 1, on ACT League course Red 1, an Open competition for all ages and both genders.
  • Division 2, on ACT League other Red (Hard) courses, a Restricted competition for competitors of both genders, but only for Men aged under 21 and 35 and over and all Women.

Competitors’ times are ‘corrected’ in accordance with the same Age/Gender factors used for ACT League and Runners Shop Twilight Series competitions to determine the winners. Thus, competitors need to be sure that their correct age and gender are recorded in the Eventor.

Red courses 1 to 4 are mass-start multi-looped courses and the others, including Red 5 are standard classic courses, but the Red 5 and Orange courses will have mass starts.

The information sheet is here and enter through Eventor here