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Zoe Melhuish Presses Home Claim for JWOC Selection

Zoe Melhuish second, just 26 seconds behind the winner Caroline Pigerre (Qld Cyclones) in the Junior Women’s division was the best individual result for the Canberra Cockatoos National League team. She not only beat older sister, Tara, by 1 min 27 sec, but might have done enough to secure a place in the team to contest the World Junior Championships in Hungary mid-July. Ella Cuthbert was 8th and Caitlin Young was 10th.

Patrick Miller also enhanced his prospect of joining the Australian team for Hungary with his second in the Junior Men’s division 2 min and 07 sec behind Victorian Aston Key. Robert Mennet was 6th, Noah Poland 7th, and Tristan Miller 9th.

The evergreen Victorian, Natasha Key, was able to hold off the Cockatoos challenge in the Senior Women’s division to win by 1 min 37 sec from Charlotte Watson, with a further 1 min 22 sec to Belinda Lawford in third place. Watson lost her time on the first and penultimate legs. Lawford had a steady run throughout her race.

Southern Arrows Simon Uppill continued his winning way in the Senior Men’s division, completing the 13.1 km course in 83 min 59 sec, 2 min 16 sec ahead of Matt Crane in second place. Matt Doyle was 4th, Martin Dent was 5th, and Andrew Barnett 8th.

All teams probably did enough to claim maximum points in their respective divisions.

Monday’s race will be a chasing Start from 9.30 am based on cumulative times over the first three days. Course lengths will be between Middle and Long Distance. Start lists for National League classes are here.

The splits for all classes are here.  The official results for National League classes are here and for other classes here. The ACT winners of other classes were: Elye Dent (M10A), John Scown (M65A), Darryl Erbacher (M75A), Luca Hogg (W10A), Ivy Prosser (W20A), Kathie Dent (W35A), Marina Iskhokova (W40A), Toni Brown (W55A), and Ann Ingwersen (W75A).