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Orienteering ACT Dinner

Orienteering ACT’s Annual Dinner was a full house on Sunday 23 November.

Awards were presented. The recipients of the main awards were:

Orienteer of the Year: Zoe Melhuish

Mike Cassells Award for Services to Orienteering: Tate Needham

Jim Sawkins Award for Services to Event Management: Stephen Goggs

Coaching Award: Toni Brown

Age Class Awards: Ella Cuthbert, David Stocks, Tara Melhuish, Tristan Miller, Belinda Lawford, Tomas Krajca, Allison JOnes, Matt Stock, Ana Herceg and Darryl Erbacher.

Audun Fristad Awards: Natalie Miller, Elise Northcote, Damian Camilleri, Jack Carey, Thomas Charles, Flynn Hopkins, Tenzing Johnson, Patrick Shelton Agar, and Ryan Turner

Tate receiving Mike Cassell Award form OACT Treasurer Peter Miller
Audun Fristad Award Recipients
Patrick Miller & Tara Melhuish with the Australian Schools Orienteering Championships trophy and Scavenger Hunt trophy
Zoe Melhuish wins the Wehner Cup, presented by Hermann Wehner
Stephen Goggs receiving the Jim Sawkins Award for Services to Event Management, presented by Peter Miller