Good for beginners. School-based, school-safe. Exciting team relay. Before school for 4 weeks. Twice a year. Teams of 4. Electronic timing.

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Primary School Champs

Usually in November. Anyone can enter. There is no preselection. Individual or pairs. Beginners can enter if they have done 2 events before.

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Secondary School Champs

Annually at a public community event. Anyone can enter. There is no pre-selection. Individuals only.

Sporting Schools Logo

Sporting Schools

Government funded at your school. We map your school. Fun skill based activities in class to teachers & children.

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Schools Body & Brain

Same as Sporting Schools, but not government funded. Australian curriculum based.

John Knight Permanent Course Snippet

School Map

High quality orienteering map for us or your teacher to use. Great for Maths, Geography & PE.

⭐ ideal for beginners

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