The Red Roos (RRA)


Red Roos is one of Australia's largest and most successful orienteering clubs.


The Red Roos club has something to offer orienteers of all levels of ability and interest.  We welcome newcomers of all ages and members are always ready to offer help and advice about our 'sport for life'.

The Red Roos club was originally a Tuggeranong-South Canberra based club, having been formed in Canberra by John and Karan Walker in November 1975, as the Red Kangaroos (ACT), an offshoot of the Red Kangaroos (Vic)*.  The name was changed to Red Roos in 1983. 

After being instrumental in bringing about a change in national rules that had previously limited membership geographical boundaries, Roos became one of the first clubs to recruit members not only from elsewhere within Canberra but from throughout Australia.  

Since its creation the club has averaged a membership of over 100, making it one of the bigger clubs in Australia.  Red Roos club members have enjoyed success at all levels, with the club providing many members of Australian teams for the World Championships, World Cup, World Mountain Bike Orienteering (MTBO) Championships, Junior World Championships (JWOC), Australian New Zealand Challenges etc and regularly has competitors in the World Masters Orienteering Championships wherever in the world they are held. 

The club is the most successful in the Australian Champion Club competition, having won the first four titles and 11 of 33 in total since the inception of the competition in 1984.  

The club continues to provide many coaches, officials and administrators at both ACT and national levels, with two recent national presidents being Red Roos.

In addition to coordinating numerous events throughout the orienteering year, members enjoy a smart competition uniform and regular social gatherings.

* The Victorian parent club subsequently merged with Bayside Orienteers to form the Bayside Kangaroos.

Red Roos Honour Board


Contacts for more information:

Stephen Goggs 0401 994 975
Bob Mouatt
0429 398 794
Bob & Judy Allison
0408 407 141
Bill & Kerryne Jones
0428 255 210
Roo News
Red Roos 2016 End of Year Wrap Tuesday, 6 December 2016 New Head Roo elected
British Coach Joins Red Roos for Six Months Tuesday, 13 September 2016 The Red Roos have the honour of one of the scholarship coaches, Charlotte Watson, joining us for the duration of her time with OACT.
Red Roos End-of-Year Wrap for 2015 Wednesday, 30 December 2015 The Red Roos celebrated their Annual Gathering of members on Sunday 13 December