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Jim Sawkins Classic 2024 Results

The 2024 Jim Sawkins Memorial Handicap was held on a newly extended map of Stringybark Hill on Saturday 29 June. This event was also round 10 of the 2024 ACT League, and round 6 of the 2024 ACT Junior League.

The Jim Sawkins Classic is a Handicap competition with two Divisions:

  • Division 1, on ACT League course Hard 1, an open competition for all ages and genders.
  • Division 2, on all other ACT League Hard courses, a restricted competition for competitors of all genders, but excluding men aged between 21 and 34.

Competitors’ times are ‘corrected’ in accordance with the same Age/Gender factors used for ACT League and Runners Shop Twilight Series competitions to determine the winners.

The top three placings in each division are below, and complete results for both divisions are available here.

Jim Sawkins Division 1

CompetitorHandicap Corrected km rate
Ryan Stocks1.0007 min 8.9 sec
David Stocks1.0008 min 19.6 sec
Paul de Jongh1.0008 min 23.7sec

Jim Sawkins Division 2

CompetitorHandicap Corrected km rate
Geoff Lawford0.6407 min 10.7 sec
Emily Walter0.6567 min 25.1 sec
Jenny Bourne0.5027 min 46.0 sec

Results from the event are available here.
Livelox GPS tracking is available here.
John Harding’s photos from the event can be viewed here and here.

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