Revised 11 October 2019

At Metro and Runners Shop Twilight events, there are normally two queues, one for season pass holders who do not need to make cash payments, and one for anything that involves a cash or EFTPOS transaction (see separate page for EFTPOS instructions). A single queue may operate late in the event after most entries have been received.

1. Competitors should fill in a registration card only if they are:

  • new to orienteering (i.e. are not already in the event computer database);
  • hiring an SI stick and/or compass;
  • using a different SI stick to their normal one; or
  • participating in a team.

2. All competitors go to the registration desk and:

  • pay their event fees or have their name checked if they are season pass holders; and
  • collect the correct map.

3. If a card has been filled in, the registration officials should check that all details have been included (see below).

4. All competitors then go to the computer download area before they start and either:

  • hand in their registration card from Step 1; or
  • register with their usual SI stick, and advise which course they have entered; and
  • clear and check their SI stick.

Competitors who have filled in a registration card do not register with their SI stick.

Card details to check

  • SI hire. The charge is $5.00 each.
  • Extra maps. The charge for additional maps is $2.00 each.
  • Compass hire/Compass no. Compass hire is $2.00 each. Remember to insert the number of the hire compass on the card.
  • First name/Surname. Initial only for first name is not acceptable. Check that both are written legibly.
  • Email – check if legible.
  • Year born and M/F. Only required for new participants.
  • Address/Phone. Address is not compulsory. A ‘First Timer’ must include a contact address. Telephone number is required (for contact if the person has not returned within a reasonable time).
  • Car registration. Must be included for safety reasons, as a check if someone still appears to be out on the course.
  • SI stick no. Insert the number of hire SI stick.
  • Age class/Course/ Club. Check that these appear correct and that the age class is appropriate to gender and age of the entrant.
Event Entry Fees

Member Type


Adult (see below for Team entries)
OACT Member
Day Member
Junior (Under 21)
OACT Member
Day Member
Family Maximum
OACT Member
Day Member

Team Entry: Number of entrants going together, a single entry fee only.
$12 if team consists of OACT members only. Includes 1 map.
$20 for day members. Includes 1 map.

Extra Maps: $2 each.

Hire of Compasses: $2 each.

Hire of SI Sticks: $5 each.


The following guidelines are provided to organisers by the OACT Office and a copy is kept in the concertina file with the equipment.

Important Please write ‘Paid by EFTPOS’ on the registration card (only for those who need to fill in a registration card) of everyone who pays entry using EFTPOS. Thanks.

  1. Hold the On/Off Button (top left under the yellow corner) for a few seconds. Wait, and the machine will wake up (can take a couple of minutes).
  2. Enter password for EFTPOS machine (supplied by OACT Office with maps and/or on the EFTPOS instructions in the concertina folder in the organiser’s box).
  3. Press Payment icon.
  4. Enter payment amount (check carefully that correct amount is showing before proceeding).
    (If people are renewing membership they must complete a membership renewal form before they pay).
  5. Press OK.
  6. Person taps or inserts card.
  7. If customer’s password is asked for, person puts this in and presses OK.
  8. Transaction is approved and OACT copy of receipt prints out. Write a brief note on this, e.g. ‘Joe Bloggs entry’ or ‘Joe Bloggs m’ship’. Put this in the cash box.
  9. Press Print to print customer copy of receipt if required.

To cancel a purchase at any time before step 6, press the menu button under top right of machine, then select Cancel Purchase.

Turn machine off after registration closes.

Hold the On/Off button (top left under the yellow tab) for a few seconds. Choose OK when prompted as to whether you want to turn it off.

Extra printer rolls for the EFTPOS machine are provided in the box for the machine.