Permanent courses are open 24 hours a day. Made by volunteers. Great for families, school groups, scout patrols, and anyone else that wants to give orienteering a try!

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 Map Format: Choose JPG for viewing on tablet or phones, or PDF for colour A4 printing
 Instructions: Watch this 7 minute video
 Compass: Optional
 Map Symbols: A map symbol sheet can be downloaded here.
Teachers: Bring pens so children can write down the secret two letter code.  If you need to prove children visited the correct control an “answer list” of secret codes can be obtained by emailing the office.

Recreational activity, including by using permanent orienteering courses, comes with some risk. By downloading a map of a permanent course from this page the user acknowledges that they participate in recreational orienteering at their own risk. Risks include but are not limited to serious injury or illness due to: rough terrain and obstacles; overexertion; heat, cold or other adverse weather conditions; plant and animal life; and accidents with vehicles, bikes or other park users. There are also risks of damage to, or loss of, your personal property.

John Knight Memorial Park, Belconnen

Location: Townsend Place, Belconnen
Courses: Short, Moderate, Long, Accessible Short, Accessible Moderate
Start: South of the car park


Location: Picnic & playground, Tidbinbilla
Courses: Short, Moderate, Long
Start: Adjacent to main picnic area carpark

Haig Park, Inner North

Location: Haig Park, Turner
Courses: Short, Moderate, Long 1 & Long 2
Start: 20m north of the corner of Masson St and Moore St

Eddison Park, Woden

Location: Car Park off Launceston St, Woden
Courses: Short, Moderate, Long, Accessible Short, Accessible Moderate
Start: Adjacent to skate park

Fadden Pines

Location: Fadden Pines, Bugden Av, Fadden
Courses: Short, Moderate, Long, Accessible Short, Accessible Moderate
Start: East of the car park. Enter car park from Bugden Av south of Coyne St

Weston Park

Location: Pescott Lane, Yarralumla
Courses: Short, Moderate, Long, Accessible Short, Accessible Moderate
Start: North of the car park

Victoria Park, Goulburn

Location: Victoria Park, Goulburn
Courses: Short, Moderate, Long
Start: Adjacent to the playground in the centre of the park.

Lotus Bay, Inner South

Location: Lennox Gardens car park, off Flynn Drive
Courses: Score course
Note: This permanent course is “virtual”. There are no physical control flags or even a start / finish sign. Your smart phone will beep when you visit the control circle. It requires you download the MapRunF app (iOS and Android). More information on MapRun is available here. Once you download the app, “Select Event” -> “ACT” -> “Permanent”, the course is called “MR Lotus Bay”. If you have any feedback or would like to help us make more of these virtual courses please visit our volunteer and feedback pages.

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