Development Squad for children 12-18 years

Blue Lightning is the Development Squad for junior orienteers in the ACT.  Any secondary school student may join Blue Lightning.  While the members predominantly range in age from 12 to 18 years old, older members often continue to participate as mentors, while younger orienteers from around age 10 and upwards are welcome to participate if they are transitioning to more difficult (moderate) courses.

What does Blue Lightning do?

  • Develop the skills and expertise of the Junior Orienteers in the ACT
  • Provide regular training opportunities, both for skills and fitness, at various venues around the ACT
  • Coordinate social outings for team building and communication
  • Organise an annual training camp
  • Run the very popular Blue Lightning Cake Stall at local ACT events
  • Raise funds and provide subsidies for juniors selected to represent the ACT at the Australian Schools Championships

Join Blue Lightning

Simple. For enquiries or to join send an email to or talk to any of the existing members of Blue Lightning.

You will be added to the Blue Lightning mailing list that includes information about all upcoming events, including training camps, weekly training locations, selection trials for the schools team, and much more.

Blue Lightning News