Due to limited stock, purchase of the below items is available only to Orienteering ACT members and prospective members.

Please use the text box to nominate two or three upcoming events at which you can collect your items, or pick up from the Orienteering ACT Office. Postage/delivery is not available.

The following items are available:

SIAC Sticks enable contactless punching and hold up to 128 punches. Learn more here.

SI9 Sticks use contact punching and hold up to 50 punches. They are available in randomly assorted mixed colours.

Quality thumb compasses specifically balanced for Australia’s magnetic zone. Can be converted from left to right hand.

It is recommended that a whistle be carried for emergency use, particularly in bushland events. On some events in remote areas, carrying a whistle may be compulsory.

If you cannot navigate back to the finish, due to being absolutely lost or injured, then blow your whistle using six short blasts, and repeat until someone finds you. Note that orienteers are obligated to abandon their course and attend to the call of a whistle, so only blow your whistle if you are truly lost or hurt and cannot make it back to the finish.

Orienteering ACT running shirts and singlets are available to fully paid Orienteering ACT members. Sizes are limited, please email the office to confirm stock before placing your order.


Sizing Chart