The tradition of a President’s Award was started by Mary McDonald in 2014. The beauty of such an award is that there are no selection criteria and so it can be quite flexible. They recognise an outstanding contribution to the organisation.



Ski Orienteering Champs (MTBO 2018)

Photography/ ACT Schools Assistant

ACT Schools Manager

Blue Lightning Manager

IT Support

Club Volunteer

Young Person’s President’s Award

Marina Ishakova

Tom de Jongh

Jane Barnett

Lil Bryant-Johnson

Ian Elz

Liz Dunbar

Zac Needham


Bushflyers secretary

Mapping strategy planning

Permanent courses

Media, graphics and IT

ACT School Teams manager

Easter Carnival director

Coach at Radford College

World Orienteering Day co-ordination

Daniel del Dot

Bryant Allen

Kelly Young

Tate Needham

Ana Herceg

Stephen Goggs

Paul de Jongh

Patrick Miller


Carnival Organiser

Aus Champs Carnival Website

Blue Lightning and Schools Team Coach

OACT newsletter editor

Treasurer extraordinaire

Sue Garr

Greg Lane

Rohan Hyslop

Phillip Purcell

Ann Scown

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