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Something Amiss on the Col – 26 June Midweek Series

A report on the Wednesday Lunchtime event 26 June 2024

Firstly, an apology for the problems many people encountered on control #45 which was on all 3 courses. Competitors were affected to varying degrees. Both course planners had independently checked the site in planning visits, but in hindsight it was not as accurately placed as it should have been. We personally find this really annoying when we are competing, so understand how you might feel.

To more pleasant matters – the weather was remarkably good and we hope you did enjoy the views.
Some photos below

  • The flagging tape collected earlier today at control #37 (Moderate 1 course) after only 1 week in situ. Apparently, something does not like pink!
  • The offending #45.
  • And finally, #43, clearing SE tip – that in post event checking, no courses actually visited!!

Results are available here.

Thanks for coming along.
John & Ann