You are currently viewing Mountain Bike Orienteering Development Weekend, 17-18 Feb

Mountain Bike Orienteering Development Weekend, 17-18 Feb

Take the opportunity to upgrade your Mountain Bike Orienteering skills at one of this weekend’s ACT MTBO Training Development sessions, Day 1 is for MTBO Beginners and Day 2 for Advanced MTBO riders.

Experienced MTBOers and Coaches – Marina Iskhakova, Raynie McNee and Emily Stewart-Reed, have prepared engaging and inclusive workshop sessions for you, everyone is very welcome to come and develop their MTBO skills!

Beginners are welcome for Session 1 and orienteers who want to tune up their own skills and learn the most advanced MTBO techniques are welcome for Day 2. 

One session is 20$, juniors under 21 are free, register here.

17 Feb (Gossan Hill) – Day 1 – Beginners

Coaches: Raynie McNee and Marina Iskhakova

  • Intro to MTBO Day 1 + Safety
  • What is MTBO?
  • Reading MTBO map and MTBO symbols
  • Navigating on a bike – bike and compass
  • Basic Route Choice MTBO techniques
  • Basic Memory MTBO techniques
  • Mini course 1/2 in pairs/individually
  • Session wrap up and Q&A

18 Feb (Bruce Ridge) – Day 2 – Advanced

Coaches: Marina Iskhakova and Emily Stewart-Reed

  • Intro to MTBO Day 2
  • MTBO Skills Wheel model – self-analysis exercise
  • Advanced Route Choice MTBO techniques
  • Route choice analysis of World MTBO Championships and World MTBO Cups advanced maps
  • Advanced Memory MTBO techniques
  • Mini course 1 practice in pairs
  • Mini course 2 practice individually
  • Suggestions of trainings techniques
  • Suggestions of practice exercises for self-practice
  • Individual MTBO profile self-evaluation
  • Session wrap up and Q&A