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Successful 2023 ACT MTBO Champs

The big weekend of an exciting MTBO Championships in ACT is over!

It was a big and exciting weekend of MTB Orienteering for ACT!
About 70 MTBO riders from 5 states – ACT, NSW, VIC, QLD and TAS came to Canberra to take a challenge and enjoy technical and exciting courses of SPRINT Champs prepared by Cath Chalmers and Eoin Rothery at the beautiful Pinnacle; MIDDLE Champs prepared by Jim Anderson and Marina Iskhakova at the mountainous Cotter Pines, and LONG Champs prepared by Fedor Iskhakov and Marina Iskhakova moon-landscape-like Sparrow Hills areas. OACT Thanks Andrew Slattery for producing two new great MTBO Maps for OACT MTBO events.

Results (splits and livelox) and Photos by John Harding are ready below:


Photos by John Harding:

That was the main event of the year, and only one event left for 2023 – It will be a new format of a MTBO Twilight event on 13 December at Gossan Hill between 5-7pm.
Entries will open here soon.

Only 367 days are left until the main event of 2024 – Australian MTBO Championships and MTBO Carnival in ACT on 18-20 October 2024. Watch the space, full details are coming shortly! Lock in your calendars now.

Thank you very much to all volunteers and ACT MTBO Team for a great MTBO weekend!

Story by Marina Iskhakova. Photos by John Harding.