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ACT Riders Excel at Australian MTBO Championships

Australian MTBO Championships 2023 in QLD are over!

The main event of Australian MTBO – the Australian MTBO Championships 2023 took place from 8-10 September in Queensland.

The small but fast and furious team of 7 ACT MTBO athletes – Ann Ingwersen, Frank Ingwersen, Cathy Hogg, Fedor Iskhakov, Marina Iskhakova, Ariadna and Veronika, took part in four Champs events near Brisbane.

A total of 115 MTBO riders came from all states and New Zealand for the Australian Champs and Aus-NZ Challenge. 

Four champs took place in various areas – Mass Start Champs at Brisbane Entertainment center (with the scale 1:3,000), Sprint Champs at Alexandra hills TAFE campus, Middle Champs courses were set in Scribbly Gum Conservation area, and the final Long challenged participants in Bayview Conservation area.

In spite of small size team – only 7 riders, in total 12 Medals the Team brought back to Canberra!
The detailed results are at eventor, overall ACT medal count is here:

MASS START Champs: (3 medals) – W21 Marina – 1st place, W14 Veronika – 1st place, W16 Ariadna  – 1st place.

SPRINT Champs: (5 medals) – W80 Ann – 1st place, W14 Veronika – 1st place, W16 Ariadna  – 1st place, M21 Fedor – 2nd place, W21 Marina – 3rd place.

MIDDLE Champs: (1 medals) – W80 Ann – 1st place.

LONG Champs: (3 medals)  -W80 Ann – 1st place, W21 Marina – 1st place, W16 Ariadna  – 1st place.

The next Australian MTBO Championships will take place in Canberra on 18-20th October 2024. Lock those days in your diaries now and start preparation!

It is going to be the largest Australian MTBO Championships by day and a fantastic opportunity for everyone to try and enjoy MTBO!

Report and photos provided by Marina Iskhakova.