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Viewing Class Based Results on the OACT Website

You may have recently noticed that for most Orienteering ACT events the eventor entry process has been made more straightforward through the removal of age/gender based classes. For example, a woman over the age of 35 entering the Moderate 2 course, rather than entering “Mod2: WMstr” or “Mod2: WOpen”, now simply enters “Moderate 2”.
This change has greatly simplified the behind the scenes event setup process and has made it much easier for newcomers to understand the event entry system.

However, you might not have realised that class based results are still available on the Orienteering ACT website.
To view results sorted using the Womens/Mens Junior/Open/Master classes, simply visit the OACT website results page and view the results for your chosen event, then click the link at the top of the page to view “Results by Class”. These class based results remain available for all Orienteering ACT events.

Click the above button to view the results for any event using the Womens/Mens Junior/Open/Master classes.