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Gully Gully Gosh

With abundant birds, animals, waterholes and verdant green vegetation Campbell Park is looking beautiful for the Runner Shop Twilight Series event on Wednesday 2nd Nov. It is even too early in the season for grass seeds and thistles and the ground is deliciously soft. David Poland has designed a range of courses from easy to challenging, short to long. Take your pick. For moderate enthusiasts you will find that every control is placed in a vague gully – a great way to improve your contour reading and to read the subtle spurs and gullies without the risk of getting truly lost – (there are plenty of safety catching features such as tracks or fences).

There will be three moderate courses. Moderate 3 is shorter than usual and designed to avoid all fences and hills. Moderate 1 is a bit longer and harder than usual so start by 6.10 pm for this one.

For all courses allow ten minutes walk to the start.

The following courses will be on offer:

  • Moderate 1 (5.7 km, 16 controls)
  • Moderate 2 (3.7 km, 9 controls)
  • Moderate 3 (2.7 km, 6 controls
  • Easy (2.3 km, 10 controls)
  • Very Easy (1.4 km, 8 controls)

Season passes for the series are available on Eventor, or you can enter the individual event here. Don’t forget that entries for each Twilight Series event close at 5pm Tuesday.

Further details are available on the event information page, and in the course setter’s notes.