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Women’s and Girls Intensive – 3 Sessions Down, 3 to Go!

Since 2015, orienteering training with a focus on girls has helped to attract, support and grow women and girls in orienteering in ACT. With more than 20 women and girls signed up this month, the fun continues. Unlike previous series, where we have meet weekly for 4 weeks, this time a new format is being tried – 6 sessions in 2 weeks – intensive!

The group includes those who have “always wanted to have a go at orienteering”, others that did it “years ago” plus some swept in from SCORE – School Orienteering, and others literally “found in the bush” (they know who they are 😊).

Some of our strongest junior girl orienteers are using the sessions for Australian Championships preparation, all the while assisting with coaching by providing quality support, technical training and inspiration to our younger girls and introductory women – thanks Justine Hobson and Natalie Miller.

A special thanks also to regular orienteers Jo Hobson (Bushflyers) and Marina Iskahova (Red Roos) who are also assisting with coaching.

Check out the action on the facebook page here.

The series wraps up on Friday and when we hit up a bit of wild night nav as practice for future events including Stringybark Hill and SCORE.