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Women Rule at Castle Hill

Pictured (L to R): Alison Inglis, Ana Herceg, Grace Crane

ACT League race 8 was staged on Castle Hill, the dominant feature of the landscape of the Lanyon Valley. From an orienteering perspective Castle Hill creates a challenge both for course planners and competitors alike. The course planner Ross Stewart and controller Matt Stocks were equal to the task of planning a range of courses which provided multiple route choices and most competitors were up to the challenge. The adjusted km rates after handicaps were applied produced a surprise outcome, with women filling the top four places

The winners in each age class were:

  • Hard 1: 7.7 km 300 m 15 C: MOpen: Paul de Jongh BS A 70:53; MJunr: Oscar Brown GS A 104:00; MMstr: Matthew Crane AO A 80:05; WMstr: Grace Crane AO A 80:47.
  • Hard 2: 6.7 km 220 m 14 C: MMstr: Fedor Iskhakov RR A88:45
  • Hard 3: 5.1 km 160 m 10 C: MOpen: Robert Hembrow BS A 79:53; MMstr: Phil Walker PO A65:13; WOpen: Rebecca Minty RR A 58:35; WMstr Alison Inglis BS A 56:07
  • Hard 4: 3.8 km 110 m 10 C: MMstr Michael Burt RR A 70:11; WJunr: Justine Hobson BS A49:44; WMstr: Cath Chalmers RR A60:40.
  • Hard 5: 3.2 km 60 m 8 C: MMstr: Alan Sargeant BS A 61:10; WMstr: Pat Miethke PO A 62:40
  • Mod 1: 4.3 km 100 m 10 C: MJunr: Joshua Mansell 13095 M 07 BS A 52:07; MMstr: Ken Mansell BS A 49:37.
  • Mod 2: 3.3 km 75 m 7 C: MJunr: Patrick Maundrell BS A 55:05; MMstr: Michael Tedeschi RR A 80:23; WJunr: Katherine Maundrell BS A43:37
  • Easy: 1.8 km 10 C: MJunr: Zaf Bluett-Jones AO A 22:47; WOpen: Rebecca Tedeschi RR A 34:30; WJunr: Veronika Iskhakov RR A2 1:36
  • VEasy: 1.2 km 8 C: WJunr: Tessa Radajewski PO A 7:48.

The full results are here, the Winsplits are here, and the maps and photos are on Facebook.

The top five competitors on corrected time were

Competitor Handicap  Corrected times
Alison Inglis 0.6320 6 min 57.24 sec
Ana Herceg 0.5920 7 min 26.21 sec
Grace Crane 0.7600 7 min 58.41 sec
Rebecca Minty 0.7360 8 min 27.26 sec
John Scown 0.6400 8 min 36.89 sec

Noting her only previous ACT League race win was at another very challenging area, Wattle Ridge, near Mittagong, Inglis is a acquiring a reputation of excelling in such hard areas.

As event 8 was a standard event, with no loading, there was no change to the order of top placings in the 2022 ACT League. The top five best five scores from eight events are:

  • 684 Grant Bluett AO A
  • 676 Martin Dent RR A
  • 673 Grace Crane AO A
  • 662 Eoin Rothery RR A
  • 652 Geoff Lawford AO A

  The full standings are here.

The next race will be ACT League 9 at Awoonga on 7 August.