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Junior League Round 7

Lake Ginninderra hosted Round 7 of the Junior League.  Updated scores can be found here.

Four competitors, Oscar Brown, Ben Mansell, Sanda Halpin and Naomi Penton have competed in all 7 rounds and have therefore already met the seven round criteria for a final score in the junior league. 

The last three rounds have seen a diverse range of winners across the different courses.  There was only one multiple event winners in the men’s courses while there has only been a couple of repeat in the women’s.

The mens moderate 1 courses were taken out by David Stocks, Oscar Brown and Oscar Woolford.  This was Oscar’s first run in the Junior League, bringing him into a tie for third in the M20 class with Toby Lang.   Justine Hobson picked up two wins in the womens moderate 1 while Katherine Maundrell picking up the win at Lake G.

In the moderate 2 course, Ariadna Ishakova won the most recent event while Sanda Halpin and Katherine Maundrell finished first in the prior two events.  The spread of winners continued with Aiden Yates and Josh Robards picking up their first wins of the season in rounds 5 and 7, while Hayden Dent picked up his second win of the season in round 6.

Owen Henderson lead the field in the the mens easy courses on Saturday with Patrick Maundrell and Zaf Bluett-Jones taking out the honours the previous 2 rounds.  The first finishers for the womens easy courses were Naomi Penton, Arlan Leane and Layla Dent across rounds 5, 6 and 7, respectively.

Rui Bluett-Jones and Felix Preston picked up two wins each in the most recent three womens and mens very easy courses with Simone Collet and Elliott Bennett picking up the others.