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2022 Junior League update after three rounds

The 2022 edition of the ACT Junior League has just completed the third round. 59 juniors competed in an event while fourteen competitors have completed all three.  The three events have been quite different with the transition from the urban park setting of Weston Park to the bush sprint of Mt Taylor. Isaacs Ridge contrasted with the full bush experience. Saturdays have missed the worst of the wet Autumn weather but the soggy ground has required a bit of shoe drying.

Scores are kept for the Junior League competition.  Competitors compete within male and female age classes with points depending on the course completed.  More difficult courses offer the potential for higher points.  The scores can be found here.

M14 and W14 are the largest men and women classes.  Oliver Bishop is leading the M14, ahead of Ryan Mukherjee and Oliver Gotzinger.    Sandha Halpin has a small lead having completed all three events heading Ariadna Iskhakova with Zoe McCrae and Katy Hogg tied for third.

M12 is tight with Ross Wilkinson, Zaf Bluett-Jones and Hayden Dent battling it out after all three missed the Weston Park event.  Completing all three events has given Naomi Penton the edge to Alma Walter and Harriet Williamson in the W12.

The W10 is the tightest class with just three points separating Veronika Iskhakova and Layla Dent from Tahlia Maniti and Florence Crane.  All five of the M10 competitors have completed all of the events with Patrick Maundrell, Ben Mansell and Arian Leana in the first three places.

M16 is another big class with 8 entrants in the first three rounds.  James Tailby has 38 points over three rounds with Josh Mansell, Max Johnson and Aidan Yeates chasing with two scores so far.  Katherine Maundrell’s pair of 20 point scores has her ahead of Aoife Rothery and Anastasia Yeates.

W18 leader Nat Miller top scored with 30 points on the Moderate 1 course at Isaacs Ridge ahead of Caitlyn Maniti and Justine Hobson tied in second.  Oscar Brown’s three consecutive seconds and Nicholas Brennan’s three thirds along with Henry Gotzinger’s strong finishes make a Grammar 1-2-3 in the M18.  David Stocks’ with two wins and Toby Lang’s win across the Moderate 1 events have the two top spots in M20 with Tommy Charles close behind in third.