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Martin Dent Holds Off Challengers

Photos from left: Martin Dent, Shannon Jones, David Stocks

The Campbell Parklands map, the venue for 2021-22 Runners Shop Twilight Series race 9 on Wednesday, may be predominantly of Campbell suburb, but like most of Canberra there were still many areas covered with long grass, boosted by the plentiful rainfall over recent months. Interestingly, the first three men and first three women across the line on the Moderate 1 course were in the top seven on corrected time, with Toni Brown the only competitor not in the top three placegetters in each category to be in the top seven on corrected time. Sanda Halpin was the only competitor from the Moderate 2 course to make the top 10 on corrected time, and again, the top 10 for on corrected time included an equal number of men and women, and a number of competitors who have never previously been in the top 10.

The across the line results for the two Moderate courses were:

  • Moderate 1: 4.9 km, 140 m climb, 16 controls: Men: 1. David Stocks 28 min 45 sec, 2Martin Dent 28 min 48 sec, 3. Paul de Jongh 29 min 09 sec; Women: 1. Shannon Jones 36 min 39 sec, 2. Justine Hobson 40 in 09 sec, 3. Kathie Dent 40 min 26 sec.
  • Moderate 2: 3.2 km, 100 m climb, 8 controls: Men: 1. Hayden Dent 28 min 26 sec, 2. John Shelton Agar 31 min 13 sec, 3. Stephen Halpin 32 min 34 sec; Women: 1. Sanda Halpin 32 min 45 sec, 2. Alice Radajewskt 42 min 57 sec, Monika Binder 43 min 59 sec.

The full results are here and at Winsplits, and maps and photos are on Facebook.

After the handicap factors were applied, Martin Dent was the winner with a corrected kilometre rate of 5 min 20.91 sec. The top 10 competitors in Race 9 were:

Competitor Handicap  Corrected km rate
Martin Dent 0.9100 5 min 20.91 sec
Shannon Jones 0.7280 5 min 26.71 sec
David Stocks 0.9400 5 min 30.92 sec
Toni Brown 0.5920 5 min 48.43 sec
Paul de Jongh 1.000 5 min 56.94sec
Justine Hobson 0.7280 5 min 57.91 sec
Kathie Dent 0.7280 6 min 00.43 sec
Eric Morris 0.8100 6 min 04.17 sec
Sanda Halpin 0.6080 6 min 13.35 sec
Andy Hogg 0.8500 6 min 15.73 sec

The absence of Matthew and Grace Crane on Wednesday enabled others to improve their standings against the Cranes, but with still four events to go and the best seven scores to count, the competition for the top three placings is still open. The current top five with the best five scores are:

  • Matthew Crane    AO-A   620
  • Grace Crane        AO-A    614
  • Toni Brown          BS-A    613
  • David Stocks       BS-A    611
  • Hayden Dent      RR-A    609

The current standings for all competitors are here.

The next event in the Runners Shop Twilight Series will be on Wednesday 2 February 2022 at Fadden Pines.