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Board Shorts 233 – February 2022

At the OACT Board meeting on 21 February the Board progressed arrangements for the OACT AGM to be held on 28 April 2022 at the Southern Cross Club at Jamison:

  • Members will be encouraged to come for a meal first, but we have not booked catering.
  • The outgoing president will clarify whether existing Board members are standing for re-election.
  • For the Financial Report all material including officers’ reports as well as data for the audit of the OACT accounts is required to be with Geoff by 31 March for consolidation and circulation ahead of the AGM.
  • The Board agreed that a suitably impressive tangible award should be presented to all our life members, including existing and any new members.
  • In light of recent high profile integrity cases, Stephen is to review, and if necessary prepare an amendment for, the association’s constitution concerning how we derive revenue and expend it. This will be based on the Model Rules.

The Development Officer reported that only 20 students had entered for SC-ORE so far. The Board considered how many should be regarded as a minimum number. Ideally at least 15 teams (60 people) would be desirable, but the Board agreed Susanne could make a final call on whether to go ahead over the next week. Susanne recently attended a fair at Holt, where orienteering was popular with children and families. Jill Walker gave a presentation to Tidbinbilla staff.

In preparation for the Metro season we still need leaders for our traditional programs: Blue Sparks, Map Mates, and possibly Keep up with the kids. MapMates requires coordinator/coach and advertising. Phil to check with Ken Mansell and Shannon & Nathan Forrest what handover materials may be available.

The End of 2021 Year Awards will be presented at 2 March Twilight event at Narrabundah Hill. Awards have been prepared for presentation at a revised course closure time of 6.30pm. David Hogg will make a presentation of a 2021 OA Award. Phil to ask Bob Mouatt whether he will be able to announce the winner of the Twilight series on the day.

The Board also noted the following status updates:

  • 2022 memberships – Geoff noted membership is currently at about 50% of last year’s membership, but is expected to ramp up in advance of the metro season as many people are currently relying on summer season passes.
  • Coach accreditation and transfer to new categories – Stephen is to implement a process to review existing Level 0 and Level 1 accredited coaches before 1 March.
  • Selection of Coaches/Managers for Blue Lightning and Schools squads – Valerie has called for expressions of interest through the OACT Bulletin. In due course we will need to publish criteria and events for selection in the ASOC squad.
  • Availability of interstate mapper – Geoff Hudson from Victoria is in the ACT for six months and has offered to undertake some mapping projects. Phil has requested that he review the Majura map. David reminded the Board that there are a number of young mappers keen to move into bush mapping – perhaps Tate and Geoff might be willing to convene a map-making workshop.
  • OACT shirts and singlets are due 4-6 weeks after the payment was made (on 29 January). Edith is working with Paul on a process to enable members to purchase the garments.
  • The Board noted the OA AGM on Monday 11 April will be held as a virtual meeting.
  • Preparations for QBIII – an ONSW auspiced carnival to be held near Tumbarumba and in Wagga organised by OACT (AL event) and Waggaroos, with NSW Stingers setting the event on the first day.
  • Giralang shed – John Scown attended a site inspection last week.

Other business items discussed were:

  • The first AL event at Castle Hill has been postponed due to overwhelming abundance of grass seeds. The first AL event will therefore be the NOL event.
  • Cameron has now started work so may not be available as computer operator for the Saturday metro series.
  • OACT is currently heavily reliant on only a few individuals who can manage our computerised event system. Bob Mouatt has provided another detailed advice about the relative strengths of OE and MEOS. MEOS works well for pre-enter and Sprint-style events. For more complex events Bob currently produces results via a complex transition process. Matt Stocks has done a similar thing for the Junior League. MEOS cannot recognise an archive of EOD entries in the way that OE does, but now there are many fewer EODs. Phil noted that no other State association produces results by age and gender for each course in the way we do, or the relative age/historical series handicap adjustments we use. The Board agreed that a statement of principles should be prepared about what the association wants from its computer systems. Phil will convene a working group of key stakeholders to identify a way forward with OACT software.
  • Newcomers welcome – The Board agreed that a dedicated person for this role would be optimal for the Saturday metro series.
  • Key reporting outcomes for our performance grant are: develop more MapRun events; reinvigorate MapMates program; support transition to a more user-friendly robust computer system
  • COVID requirements. The Board reflected on whether we need to maintain the current high profile public statement about observing ACT and NSW Government requirements for social distancing etc. While not all members agree, the Board concluded that it is important for OACT to be overt about this important public statement while the ACT remains subject to a state of health emergency. Stephen will review our COVID plan in light of recent changes to check-in rules and testing arrangements.
  • Easter 2023 –The Board noted that Finish team services are to be supplied by an external team led by Matthew Purcell and his former CGS contacts.
  • Scholars program – Susanne queried whether this will be reactivated now that the international border has reopened? Phil to follow up with OA.
  • Cockatoos mentoring – The Board noted that the absence of events and coaching opportunities during the last two COVID years has been particularly hard on the junior Cockatoos. Phil will contact Matt Crane to encourage senior Cockies to mentor the juniors.