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Pre-Season Warmup Quiz

The Runners Shop Twilight Series will resume this Wednesday 26 January.

You may be feeling a bit rusty after the summer break, so to help you get prepared for the upcoming season here is a quick quiz to refresh your skills.

A couple of upcoming Twilight Series events (Palmerville and Fadden Pines) will use sprint map style symbols. A crucial feature of sprint maps are symbols showing uncrossable features. These symbols may be used to denote features that are physically impassable, unsafe, or otherwise out of bounds.

It is very important not to break the rules by transgressing areas that are mapped as impassable or out of bounds. Doing so is not only unfair to other competitors, but may also result in access to the area being denied for future events, and could put your safety at risk.

Not all impassable features are physically impossible to cross, For example:

  • You must not reach over an impassable wall or fence to punch a control.
  • You must not jump over an impassable feature, even if you can easily cross without touching the ground.
  • You must not go through an open gate if it is mapped as a closed part of an impassable fence.
  • You must not jump down an impassable wall.

Your Task

Examine each of the below sprint legs, for each leg several possible route choices are provided. Assess each route choice to see if it is legal, then try to pick which of the legal routes is shortest (you might also be able to spot better routes that haven’t been provided).

 You can click on each image to view it in a larger size. Solutions are included below.


Solutions: A=legal (573m), B=illegal ( impassable fence), C=legal (742m)


Solutions: A=illegal (garden bed south of control), B=illegal (impassable wall and garden bed near start), C=legal (212m)


Solutions: A=illegal (pond with thick black outline), B=illegal (green line – impassable vegetation/hedge), C=illegal (purple hatching – out of bounds area)


Solutions: A=legal (237m), B=legal (231m), C=legal (384m)


Solutions: A=legal (165m), B=illegal (impassable wall), C=legal (217m)


Solutions: A=legal (258m, crosses wall at a passable point – thin black line), B=legal (250m), C=illegal (passes through building, crosses garden bed, crosses impassable wall)


Solutions: A=legal (160m), B=illegal (crosses garden bed, crosses impassable wall), C=legal (143m), D=legal (91m)


Solutions: A=illegal (uses forbidden route), B=legal (195m), C=legal (221m), D=legal (219m)


Solutions: A=legal (220m, crosses passable wall – grey line), B=illegal (crosses impassable marsh – thick black outline), C=legal (229m, crosses passable wall), D=legal (176m, crosses passable fence, passable marsh, passable body of water)


Solutions: A=legal (193m), B=illegal (crosses impassable fence at closed gate), C=legal (252m)