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Board Shorts 232 – January 2022

At the first OACT Board meeting for the new year the President reported:

  • There had been four OA meeting sessions in Nov/Dec 2021. All States and Territories are facing the same challenges with attracting and retaining new members.
  • OA is still to appoint a new GM. Richard Mountstephens is the new OA Treasurer. OSA has a new media manager.
  • The ACT High Performance grant has been approved again this year, with an emphasis on NOL ‘home games’ and events in the ACT, presumably with a view to attracting visitors to Canberra.
  • Access and permissions (especially for CNP) continue to remain a problem, most recently as a result of new plant sightings following a very wet Spring. Paul de Jongh and David Hogg are trying to ascertain further details.

Also in connection with OA matters the Secretary reported:

  • A recent OA Coaching Accreditation forum discussed transition to the new competency-based domains of ‘Orienteering Instructor/Learn & Play/ Competition/Performance’ coaches. State associations are to manage the current L0 and L1 transitions, with a starting presumption being that these will be to Orienteering Instructor and Learn & Play respectively, but individual coaches’ circumstances may warrant the next level, for example where recognition of prior learning (RPL) means a person already has competencies eg through their work that could satisfy the new criteria. The Board noted that the circumstances in which a formal coaching accreditation may be needed may be limited, but could be applicable in response to the requirements of a third party (eg a national funding body or education department/school) or to be appointed as a head coach for a national/international high performance squad. The higher level accreditations are to be managed by OA.
  • Stephen has been appointed by OA as the initial member of a national integrity unit, with two further members to be identified/appointed in due course. Andrew Shipton from OACT has been appointed as the national integrity officer for OA.

For Easter 2023: Stephen reported that two proposed maps need to be reviewed for currency; Bob Allison has agreed to update one; the potential parking area on another map is a long way from the interesting orienteering terrain, but another identified site for the arena will require improvement of a creek crossing for essential vehicles/catering etc – to be discussed with the landowner. It is proposed to host the website off the OA domain.

The OACT AGM is due to be held before the end of April. Phil to seek a venue, possibly at a Sports Club eg Ainslie Football Club. In the meantime for the postponed EOY function: Nominations have been received for awards; members agreed the event should be held with the last twilight event, that is Narrabundah Hill 2 March.

The Board endorsed a recent proposal to consider producing running shirts and singlets which OACT members could proudly wear as a form of promotion eg at other events such as Parkrun using the same design and Australian-based manufacturer as produced the polo shirts worn by schools coaches. The Board agreed OACT should subsidise the cost for both shirts and singlets for members. Advertising the shirts for sale will only commence once the shirts are received. Payment could possibly be made through Eventor. Another option could be via EOI/orders placed with the office.

The Board congratulated the Cockatoos Womens team for being a finalist in the Team of the Year category at the CBR Sports Awards. The Board thanked Bob Mouatt for his efforts in putting together the nomination.

On the pandemic front Stephen reported that there had been encouraging signs from schools during term 4 of 2021, with individual coaches being permitted back on school campuses to deliver orienteering as it was considered part of the curriculum, but this had quickly come to a halt with the rise of the Omicron variant. It is not clear what impact this will have on schools coaching in term 1 of 2022. Autumn SC-ORE is also likely to be impacted. While we have made alternative plans for SC-ORE using community parks etc. it is possible that schools will not permit their students to attend events where they will be mingling with students from other schools. The ACT Education Directorate has not announced arrangements for term 1 yet. It has similarly been very difficult to plan for Sprint series school venues during the omicron phase of the pandemic. Tate is continuing to work with Paul to identify suitable community sites.

The Board’s next meeting is due to be held on Mon 21 Feb. If you have any items you wish to bring to the Board’s attention please email the Secretary at