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Vote For Gang Gangs in Australian Bird of the Year Poll 2021

Canberra orienteers should vote for our Gang Gang cockatoos, the bird emblem of Canberra, and the basis for the name of our teams in the National Orienteering League, the Canberra Cockatoos, in the Guardian Australian Bird of the Year Poll 2021.

The voting system in 2021 has changed and it is now almost a case of vote early, vote often.

The competition kicked off on Monday 27 September with a line-up of 50 Australian native birds. The bottom five birds will be eliminated at the end of each weekday, with everyone able to vote again in the next round each day. So, on Tuesday, you can vote again on the 45 most popular birds from Monday and so on.

You will have one vote each day, but it doesn’t have to go to the same bird. Eliminations will be paused over the weekend when the vote count will be hidden. Voting will go dark on Thursday 7 October for the final 10 birds and voting will close at midnight. All votes from the early rounds are discarded before the final count.

The winning bird will be the one that receives the most votes in a simple poll of the final 10 on Thursday 7 October. The winner will be announced on Friday 8 October.

At the end voting on Day 1, the Gang Gangs seem to be leading with 2,677 votes. We just need to be voting for them each and every day until they are named the 2021 Australian Bird of the Year.

Photos courtesy of Dreamtime