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Scratching at the Surface – Metro Series #11

It’s been a year long wait for good weather. The memories of the snow and wind at the 2020 Narrabundah Hill’s event had the organisers hoping for a better outcome. Although, the 2021 event provided a pristine calm and sunny day. The wildlife could be seen lounging on the blackberry covered grass hoping that it remains that way. The reserve brings along a mixture of walkers and runners for their Saturday morning jaunt. Even a local rubbish collector decided to go beyond what is required and remove these funny looking stakes in the ground representing the finish control. It took some professional negotiating skills by our training rep Ken Mansell to retrieve the finishing SI unit, stake and flag. This event could have ended up being a disaster if the competitors couldn’t complete their courses. Although, the organiser was relieved to find out that there was a spare finishing SI unit. But we didn’t need it because Ken made sure that all was restored to normal. Perhaps next time Weston Emus can bring along lolly pops as a trade for the unexpected collecting. Anyway, thanks Ken.

It’s been a while since Martin Wehner put pen to paper as a course setter. He planned long legs for both moderate courses which provided interesting route choices. The choices were either blackberries, boggy ground or both. Even so, the hill provides unexpected challenges for all types. Although, today’s event was also about whether you wore long stocking to protect the skin. If you didn’t, today you would be scratching at the surface.