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Picaree Hill Entries Closing

Entries for the ninth event of the 2021 ACT League at Picaree Hill this Sunday will close at 11:59pm tomorrow, Wednesday 28 July. Enter on Eventor here.
Please note that enter on the day is not available and late entries will not be accepted.


A full range of courses are available, with lengths and difficulty to suit all abilities:

Length (km)
Climb (m)657012513065190270380430

If you haven’t entered a Classic Series event before, please refer to this guide to help you choose a suitable course.

Course Setter’s Notes

Picaree Hill offers spur gully terrain, steep in many parts but otherwise generally runnable. The vegetation is mostly open forest, with a few open areas and small patches of denser vegetation.

The Hard 1 and Hard 2 courses are on 1:15,000 maps, while all other courses are on 1:10,000 maps.

The fences are in good repair except for some in the western part of the map that will only be encountered on the Hard 1 course; these may be trip hazards in places. Many of the fences can be electrified but will not be live on the day of the event. A couple of crossing points will be provided, but most of the fences can be stepped through with little or no difficulty.

The ‘thicket’ control description is used for log piles, mapped as green dots. Distinctive trees, generally native cherry trees, are mapped as open green circles. As usual some termite mounds that will be seen have not been mapped, and conversely little remains of some that are mapped.

Two properties adjoining the course area are marked as out of bounds along their edges. Do not select route choices which would involve entering these properties. Some other smaller areas are also marked out of bounds for privacy or safety reasons.