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Junior League Round 9

A total of 133 juniors have completed one of the nine Junior League events this season.  Forty two have completed 7 events which is the number required to be included in the final scores.  Owen Radajewski and Michael Guthrie are the only two competitors to have completed all nine courses, some of the few who braved the winter chills at the Arboretum in round 8.

Updated junior league scores can be found here.

The tightest category is the W14 with Katherine Maundrell having a twelve point lead over Aoife Rother and Emily Hincliffe who are tied for second.  Sandra Halpin heads the W12 class by 11 points over Ariadna Iskhakova with a larger gap back to Aurelie Leane.  There is a battle being fought out between Justine Hobson, Natalie Miller and Ellen Johnson for top honours in the W18s who have shared most of the thirty point scores for winning the Moderate 1 courses.  The other winner of a Moderate 1 event came from Marilla Cavenagh in the first event, and she sits in third with that her only run in the W16 class while Anastasia Yeates holds a strong lead over Amber Walter.  Naomi Penton has opened up a large gap over Layla Dent and Veronika Iskhakova in the W10 class while Clare Alder is the leading as the only competitor in the W20s.

The largest class is the M16 with 17 competitors.  Owen Radajewski has a commanding lead over Henry Gotzinger and Alex Derlacki.  The next largest group is the M14s with Joshua Mansell leading William Laverty while Ryan Mukherjee and Elye Dent are tied for third.  Hayden Dent has also established a sizeable advantage in the M12 class with William Charles edging out Alexander Talby for second.   Ben Mansell and Arlan Leane are separated by only one point for second and third in the M12 class behind leader Zaf Bluett-Jones.  It is almost as tight in the M18 class with Nicholas Brennan in second heading David Stocks by four points behind Toby Lang’s comfortable advantage.  The largest M20 group of the last few years is led by William Thompson ahead of Tommy Charles with Ewan Shingler in third with a solitary win in round 4.