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Grace Crane Challenges the Leaders

Pictured from left: Grant Bluett, Matt Crane, Grace Crane

During a season when the venues used for the ACT League races have been physically demanding and favouring the men, Grace Crane has been the standout female competitor as was proven on Sunday when she finished third behind Grant Bluett and her husband Matt, in race 8 at Collector Hill NSW, which is steep, rocky, and covered with fallen timber.

The results for race 8 are here and the maps and photos are here.

The top five points on corrected time in event 8 were

Competitor Handicap  Corrected times
Grant Bluett 0.8500 7 min 16.52 sec
Matthew Crane 0.9400 7 min 23.23 sec
Grace Crane 0.7680 7 min 52.95 sec
Tomas Krajca 1.0000 7 min 58.37 sec
Ryan Stocks 1.0000 8 min 38.04 sec

Grant and Matt are locked at the top of the standings on 670 points from their best five scores from eight events, 16 points ahead of David Stocks. Grace is currently fourth in the overall standings on 644 points, but with venues with less demanding terrain to come on the program and two bonus-point events to end the series, she could move into the top three.

ACT League event 9 will be at Picaree Hill on 1 August 2021.