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Collector Hill Entries Closing

The eighth event of the 2021 ACT League will be held this Sunday 11 July at Collector Hill.
Pre-entry is essential, enter here by 11:59pm Wednesday 7 July.

A full range of courses are available, with lengths and difficulty to suit all abilities.
If you haven’t entered a Classic Series event before, please refer to this guide to help you choose a suitable course.
Remember to check your course, class, club, and SI number when entering.

Length (km)
Climb (m)909010017085145185270320

Course Setter Notes

This is truly a bush event. The forest is comprised mainly of wattle species which have suffered from wind damage. A feature of the area is a technical spine of elevated cliffs and rocks in the middle of the map. The visibility is fairly good but progress will be hampered with many fallen trees and branches on much of the competition area. These areas probably should be mapped as slow run but the map has not been revised. Most fencing except for most of the perimeter is broken with fallen trees, and the tracks can’t be totally relied on; they are not very visible because of the lack of use and the fallen trees. The vast majority of the termite mounds are accurate. The courses have been reduced in length in anticipation of slower progress. The Very Easy and Easy courses also go through some rough areas in parts; these will have bunting tape to aid in keeping on the route.