You are currently viewing Board Shorts 228 – May 2021

Board Shorts 228 – May 2021

The OACT Board met on 24 May.

At its meeting last week your OACT Board noted:

  • progress in discussions with ACT Parks towards a process for preliminary approval for our proposed event locations especially if we can give a season or even a year’s advance notice of our intended program – Phil is to liaise with Events Sub-committee to ensure course planning well in advance.
  • while membership continues about the same as last year, that was down due to the pandemic.
  • at an ACT Sport & Rec CEO forum recently, departmental officers commented on how effective recent publicity of our events (NOL/50thanniversary) had been.

In other news:

  • Susanne Harrysson is continuing to work with Haig Park and Holt/Dunlop communities and is about to open SCORE for Spring. She has submitted a grant application to NCA for establishment of a permanent course in Commonwealth Park.
  • The Event Planning & Management Sub-Committee draft program for 2021 and 2022 is still awaiting input from Bushflyers, but Geoff will convene a further meeting with a view to finalising the twilight program by July.
  • Waggaroos have advised that it now appears both Winona and Connorton maps will no longer be available. Phil has offered for OACT to host one of the days at QBIII in Wagga next year.
  • OA has asked for us to host a NOL double-header middle/long distance weekend next year in March/April, preferably in granite terrain. One option is to combine this with an AL event, with one day possibly at Wee Jasper.
  • For Easter 2023 we need to embargo maps. Stephen to convene a further meeting in June.

Positions vacant updates:

  • Computer operator position has been filled – Cameron Nulty has started. No identified Newcomers Welcome person, but recently some clubs have had a person at the start assisting any newcomers – organising clubs to promote welcoming duties.
  • Blue Lightning Coach: Tara Melhuish, and Manager: Deirdre Sharkey appointed.
  • ACT Schools Coach: Andrew Cumming-Thom, and Managers: Tom de Jongh, Jane Barnett appointed.
  • Coach Admin person still needed to replace Nic Plunkett-Cole, as are Co-ordinators for MapMates and Keep Up with Kids programs for Metro series.

Other business items included:

  • Following the very successful NOL event at Broulee Dunes, where participation was double forecast numbers and OACT fared well in the NOL standings, organisers are to survey participants on expenditure in the Broulee region over the weekend.
  • The Board noted that the 50th anniversary event was well promoted/reported through the efforts of David Hogg and Bob Mouatt and enjoyed by all attendees.
  • The Board thanked Chris Mill and Anita Scherrer for their assistance with liaising with police and ACT Property Group after the OACT shed was broken into over Easter. Fortunately only a few items were stolen.
  • The Secretary and the Treasurer have looked into the possibility of engaging third party bookkeeping and other financial management services. The Board felt that, whether or not we engage third party services, we will need to iron out a range of our current business practices first, including the way we use MYOB and ATO One Touch Payroll, and that an optimal time to make any change to current arrangements would be at the end of our financial year.
  • The Secretary had looked into an option for sports promotion in the form of bus advertising. The Board felt that, rather than simple brand recognition/advertising of this type, it would be better to consider what other options/channels could be pursued eg by boosting posts via social media and will liaise OVIC reps on whether they have had any success from their recent promotional video targeting newcomers and children.
  • The Board is open to subsidising school team members for the national championships, possibly either by a lump sum and/or as a proportion of the cost of uniforms.
  • Burgmann School at Gungahlin has approached OACT for schools coaching. They are considering our proposal for using any associated school map for a Sprint Series event.
  • A forthcoming OA Zoom meeting will consider possible proposals for national participation grants – similar to the recent proposal for funding MapRun as a community physical exercise initiative.

Next meeting 12 July. Please send any items for the Board’s consideration to the Secretary by 4 July.