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Martin Dent Extends His Lead in Runners Shop Series

(Pictured L to R: Martin Dent, Eric Morris, Paul de Jongh)

Martin Dent used event 10 at Bruce Ridge to extend his lead in the 2020-21 Runners Shop Twilight Series. Bruce Ridge terrain and vegetation is quite variable, with areas of relatively flat, open forest, while other areas are step. Fallen trees are challenging and favour strong, robust runners. The venue suited Dent who was the fastest on the 4.4 km Moderate 1 course with a time of 22 min 28 sec, 23 seconds faster than Paul de Jongh.

The full results for event #10 are here, the splits by course on Winsplits are here and the maps and photos on Facebook are here.

After the age/gender handicap factors were applied Dent’s corrected km rate of 4 min 50.77 sec was 30 seconds faster than next best Eric Morris. De Jongh was third fastest with a km rate of 5 min 21.33 sec.
The top ten on corrected time were

Competitor Handicap  Corrected times
Martin Dent 0.920 4 min 50.77 sec
Eric Morris 0.820 5 min 20.48 sec
Paul de Jongh 1.000 5 min 21.33  sec
Anthony Scott 0.750 5 min 26.39 sec
Shannon Jones 0.736 5 min  29.34sec
Andrew Kerr 0.940 5 min 36.11 sec
Hayden Dent 0.700 5 min 40.91 sec
Ian Prosser 0.730 5 min 42.06 sec
David Hogg 0.532 6 min 16.37 sec
Tate Needham 0.870 6 min 10.93sec

After event #10, the top five best six scores in the standings: 

  • 749 Martin Dent RR A
  • 738 Shannon Jones AO A
  • 736 Ryan Stocks BS A
  • 720 Eric Morris BN N
  • 718 Paul de Jongh BS A

Full standings are here.

Event 11 will be on the south-east slopes of Black Mountain on Wednesday.