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Owen Radajewski’s Surprise Win at Campbell Park

(Pictured left to right: Owen Radajewski, David Stocks, Ryan Stocks)

14-year-old Owen Radajewski sprang a surprise win on corrected time in the 2020-21 Runners Shop Twilight Series event # 7 at Campbell Park. He was sixth fastest overall on the 5.4 km Moderate 1 in a time of 33 min 05 sec, but with the benefit of a significant handicap of 0.79 for his age, this converted in a corrected km rate of 4min 50.40 sec, nearly seven seconds faster than another junior and last week’s winner David Stocks, with a further junior Ryan Stocks was third, a second behind his younger brother.

The full results for event are here, the Winsplits by course are here, and the maps and John Harding’s photos are here.

Radajewski is easily is the youngest male to score the maximum points in either of the ACT age/gender competitions, but three females of a similar age, Rebecca Minty, Heather Harding, Zoe Melhuish have won either the ACT League or the Runners Shop Twilight Series, or both in the case of Melhuish, and Minty won the ACT League twice as a junior.

The top ten on corrected time were:

Competitor Handicap  Corrected times
Owen Radajewski 0.790 4 min 50.40 sec
David Stocks 0.880 4 min 56.92 sec
Ryan Stocks 0.970 4 min 57.83 sec
Martin Dent 0.930 5 min 00.53  sec
Darryl Erbacher 0.532 5 min 01.17 sec
Anthony Scott 0.760 5 min 02.45 sec
Paul de Jongh 1.000 5 min 23.52 sec
Eric Morris 0.830 5 min 18.94 sec
Wayne Gregson 0.580 5 min 19.97 sec
Tristan Miller 0.940 5 min 22.39 sec

Shannon Jones was the course planner and thus did not score any points.  After seven events, the top five with the best four scores are:

  • 499 Martin Dent RR-A
  • 494 Shannon Jones AO A
  • 491 Ryan Stocks BS A
  • 488 Wayne Gregson RR A
  • 478 Eric Morris BN N

The full standings are here.

The next event will be at Oakey Hill on Wednesday 9 December, with Colleen Mock as course planner and Jon Glanville as controller