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Matt Crane’s Fourth Wehner Cup Victory

Matt Crane clinched his fourth Wehner Cup (his third in succession) with a win and four seconds from five starts in the 2020 ACT League. He accrued 497 points from his best four scores from six events. His previous victory was in 2012.

The top 10 competitors were:

  • 497 Matthew Crane AO A
  • 489 Ryan Stocks BS A
  • 489 Martin Dent RR A
  • 487 Tomas Krajca RR A
  • 485 Shannon Jones AO A
  • 482 Paul de Jongh BS A
  • 480 David Stocks BS A
  • 476 Ian Prosser AO A
  • 475 Mark Gregson RR A
  • 470 Patrick Miller BS A

The full standings are here.

An unusual aspect of the 2020 ACT League, which was limited to six events, was that there were six different winners, in order of events, Shannon Jones, Matt Crane, Martin Dent, Grant Bluett, Ian Prosser and Tomas Krajca. Normally, there is at least one multiple winner in the League.