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David Stocks Challenges the Early Leaders

(Pictured left to right: David Stocks, Ryan Stocks, Martin Dent)

David Stocks has laid down the gauntlet to the early leaders with his second 125-pointer in race #8 of the 2020-21 Runners Shop Twilight Series on Wednesday. He was one of only three of the 78 competitors on the Moderate 1 to use the Training map, and he completed the 5.0 km course in 34 min 38 sec, just under three minutes slower than his older brother Ryan. However, after the age/gender handicap factors were applied David was 3.45 seconds faster than Ryan, with a corrected km rate of 6 min 5.73 sec. Martin Dent was third with a km rate of 6 min 23.72 sec. 

The top ten on corrected time were:

Competitor Handicap  Corrected times
David Stocks 0.880 6 min 05.73 sec
Ryan Stocks 0.970 6 min 09.18 sec
Martin Dent 0.930 6 min 23.72  sec
Mark Bourne 0.970 6 min 30.72 sec
Paul de Jongh 1.000 6 min 34.60 sec
Darryl Erbacher 0.532 6 min 41.43 sec
Matthew Stocks 0.850 6 min 48.68 sec
Shannon Jones 0.744 6 min 53.07 sec
Eric Morris 0.830 6 min 55.17 sec
Natalie Miller 0.680 6 min 59.56 sec

The full results for event # 8 are here and the maps and John Harding’s photos are here.

After event # 8, the top five best four scores in the standings are:

499 Martin Dent RR A

494 Ryan Stocks BS A; Shannon Jones

490 David Stocks BS A

488 Wayne Gregson RR A

The full standings are here.

The next event, event #9 at Cooleman Ridge on Wednesday 16 December, will be important in determining the standings (top five scores to count) as the Series takes a six-weeks break, when there will only be six more events to the end of the Series.