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Top Three Consolidate Standings in Runners Shop Twilight Series

The top three, Martin Dent, Shannon Jones, and Wayne Gregson consolidated their standings in the 2020-21 Runners Shop Twilight Series.  They were the top three on corrected times in event 5, on the western slopes of Mt Majura, yet another Canberra Nature Park overrun with rain-induced lush, metre-high grass and weeds.  The top ten on corrected time were:

CompetitorHandicap Corrected times
Martin Dent0.9305 min 47.59 sec
Wayne Gregson0.5805 min 51.92 sec
Shannon Jones0.7445 min 54.59 sec
Ian Prosser0.7406 min 00.29 sec
Patrick Miller0.9706 min16.89 sec
Owen Radajewski0.7906 min 21.67 sec
Nick Dent0.6526 min 25.45 sec
Rob Walter0.9006 min 27.38 sec
Anthony Scott0.7606 min 27.44 sec
Belinda Allison0.6966 min 28.60 sec

The results from event are here and the Winsplits are here. John Harding’s photos and the maps from the event are here.

They are also the top three with the best three scores after five events. The top five are:

  • Martin Dent RR A 375 points, from three wins
  • Shannon Jones AO A 372, from a win, a second and a third
  • Wayne Gregson RR A 371, from two seconds and a third
  • Ryan Stocks BS A 366, including a win
  • Patrick Miller BS A 365, including a second

The full standings are here

The next event will be at Stromlo Forest Park on Wednesday 25 November and competitors can expect numerous crossings of erosion gullies.