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Shannon Jones Scores First 125-Pointer This Series

Shannon Jones took full advantage of Martin Dent taking time out to organise the event at The Pinnacle to score her first 125-pointer in the 2020-21 Runners Shop Twilight Series, with a time of 42 min 35 sec for the 5.6 km Moderate 1 course. Ryan Stocks was the fastest course for that course in 35 min 12 sec, 1 min 26 sec ahead of Rob Walter, and Dean Davies was fastest on the 3.0 km Moderate 2 course in 24 min 10 sec.

Restrictions placed on use of the area by ACT Parks and Conservation Service caused course planner Kathie Dent to be inventive in confining her courses to the permissible areas through the use of pivot controls and loops. If this was not enough challenge for competitors, they had to contend with shoulder-height, rain-induced grass. Later starters had the advantage of tracks through the grass, but care had to be taken to follow the correct track. And to add further complications, David Stocks created training maps, with many features omitted. 110 competitors completed either one or other of the Moderate courses, with around another 20 either not finishing or mispunching. The full results are here, the Winsplits by course are here, and the maps and John Harding’s photos are here.

After the kilometre rates had been corrected for age/gender handicaps, Jones was fastest with a km rate of 5 min 39.45 sec, about 14 seconds of Rob Walter, who is making a return to competitive orienteering. At the peak of his career, Walter won five consecutive AUS 3-Days M21E class (1997-2001). The top 10 on corrected time were:

Competitor Handicap  Corrected times
Shannon Jones 0.744 5 min 39.45 sec
Rob Walter 0.900 5 min 53.25 sec
Tate Needham 0.880 5 min 56.40 sec
Andy Hogg 0.870 5 min 59.34 sec
Eoin Rothery 0.700 5 min 59.88 sec
Eric Morris 0.830 6 min 01.35 sec
Ryan Stocks 0.970 6 min 05.83 sec
Marina Iskhakova 0.736 6 min 09.31 sec
Emily Walter 0.688 6 min 22.82 sec
Belinda Allison 0.696 6 min 35.60 sec

The top five best two scores from four events are:

  • Martin Dent RR A 250 points
  • Shannon Jones AO A 249
  • Ryan Stocks BS A, Wayne Gregson RR A 247
  • Patrick Miller 244

The standings of all competitors are here.

Next Wednesday’s event at Mt Majura, with Michael Radajewski as course planner, will have an important bearing on who leads the Series with a best of three scores after that event.