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Final Junior League Scores for 2020

A much shorter than usual 2020 Junior League concluded with the first use of the new Cork Oak map on Saturday.  A total of 122 juniors entered an event during the season with 70 completing the minimum of five events needed to qualify for the final scoring.  Competitors best seven scores across the nine events counted in the final scores.  Final scores can be found here.

The M20 and W20 events produced very similar outcomes with Ryan Stocks and Elise Palethorp both finishing on the highest scores for the men’s and women’s competitions with a total score of 195 and 192 points respectively.  Braedy Jaugietis and Clare Alder came second with scores of 100 and 107 points.  Ellen Johnson won the W18 class with 131 points as well as achieving the second best junior female time for the Cork Oaks event. 

The M14 division was the largest class with 14 competitors in the final rankings.  Owen Radajewski took out first place with a score of 148 points which was the third highest score overall amongst male competitors.  Charlie Seddon outpointed Connor Lineen for second place. 

The M16 was another large group with the top six separated by just 20 points.  Will Madl lead the way on 105 points while Jacob Miller managed to just get past Nicholas Brennan by a point for second place on 97 with his score in the final event allowing him to throw out his previous low.

Andrew Kerr managed to lock up the M18 competition on 151 points before the final event but Toby Lang didn’t quite manage to catch David Stocks for second despite a strong run at the Cork Oaks. 

The Dent boys, Elye and Hayden, managed to take out both the M12 and M10 classes.  Oliver Gotzinger was the only other M12 competitor to complete five events to take out second.   Ben Mansell’s strong result in the final event kept a fast finishing Thurein Halpin in third.  

The W14 division was the largest class of the women’s fields with 7 competitors qualifiying for the final scores.  Aoife Rothery managed 117 points ahead of Chloe Miller and Anastasia Yeates. 

Natalie Miller and Justine Hobson fought out the W16 class with the second and third highest overal scores in the womens division with 187 and 174 points ahead of Katherine Hinchcliffe.  

The W12 competition was closely fought throughout the season.  Sanda Halpin manage to come out on top with 61 points, benefitting from scores in every event while Ariadna Iskhakova pipped Georgia Hallum by a point with a good score at Cork Oaks.  

Naomi Penton was the winner of the W10 class, getting her best result of the season in the final event.  Aurelie Leane and Layla Dent both improved  their scores in their eighth event by throwing out an earlier lower score to finish in second and third overall.