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Junior league Round 4

One hundred juniors have entered a Junior league event after the fourth Metro League at Mt Ainslie today.  Updated scores can be found here.

There is a three way tie at the front of the M16s with Lachlan Ho, Will Madl and Jacob Miller all on 50 points.  It is also all even for the top two places in the W10 class with Aurelie Leane and Naomi Penton on 24 points ahead of Rui Bluett-Jones.  Aoife Rothery has broken the tie in the W14 division, taking the outright lead over Chloe Miller with Anastasia Yeates in third.  Zaf Bluett-Jones and Hayden Dent tied on 13 points, keeping their margin at 5 points with Thurien Halpin just a couple of points futher back.

Sanda Halpin has benefitted from the absence of Georgia Hallam and Luca Hogg this week to increase here lead in the W12.  David Stocks and Toby Lang made the most of Andrew Kerr’s absence to reduce the spread between the top three to just nine points.

The Miller family took the maximum 30 points in both the mens and womens competitions with Natalie closing the gap to Justine Hobson to seven points in W16 with Katherine Hinchcliffe 7 points further back.  Patrick’s win jumps him into second over Braedy Jaugietis by one point but still well behind leader Ryan Stocks.

Ellen Johnson picked up some good points after setting last week at the Pinnacle to boost her advantage over Annabel Scott in W18 while Elise Palethorpe did the same relative to Clare Alder in the W20.  Owen Radajewski has opened a significant advantage over Challie Seddon and Connor Lineen who are only separated by a couple of points.  

Elye Dent made the most of Oliver Gotzinger and Haochen Niu absence to increase his comfortable leadin the M12 while Sanda Halpin had similar benefits in the W12, with Georgia Hallam and Luca Hogg still holding down the next two places despite missing this week’s run.