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Junior league 2020

The ACT Junior League is finally underway for 2020. The delayed start means that there will only be a ten week competition with the seven best scores counting in the final rankings.

The scores after two rounds are posted here.

A total of 95 athletes have had a run over the first two rounds. As always, the youngest age groups have some of the closest competitions. Sanda Halpin and Georgia Hallum are all tied up at 22 points in the W12 competition while one point separates Auelie Leane and Banjo Bluett-Jones in the W10s. Ben Mansell has manage to score a point more in each event than Zaf Bluett-Jones in the M10. Elye Dent’s 20 points in the first round has helped him to an overall 5 point lead over Oliver Gotzinger.

The leaders in the W14 and W16 and W20 classes, Aoife Rothery, Justin Hobson and Clare Alder have all benefitted from an extra score over their second place rivals, Chloe Miller, Natalie Miller and Elise Palethorp. There are some tight battles in the M16 and M18 classes as Will Madl has a two point lead over Jacob Miller while Andrew Kerr has 4 over David Stocks. Ryan Stocks wins in the two moderate 1 events has given him a significant lead over Brady Jaugietis.

The next event in the competition at the Pinnacle is being set by the leader in the W18 class, Ellen Johnson, giving Annabel Scott a chance to close the gap next week.